Sustainable Livelyhood for artisans

Work from Home

Empowering every weaver by giving him access to a sustainable livelihood at his doorstep.

The greatest challenge in these artisans’ lives is commuting to work and back, often resulting in families that live far apart. One of the key differentiators of the Welkin model is an artisan’s ability to not only work from home but have business travel to them.

To ensure customers receive high quality products, quality supervisors inspect looms to help ensure a consistent output while tracking progress. These supervisors also ensure artisan service to ensure they are not interrupted by the shortage of yarn or any other such disruptions to earning capacity.

Benefits of work from home

  • More women can work towards financial independence as they don’t have to navigate commute, especially in remote villages
  • Weavers decide their own work hours- being able to work around their family’s schedules
  • Mothers with young children have no trouble working and weaving at the same time
  • Weavers will lose no work days in receiving and transporting material
  • Traditional Indian communities do not give women the opportunity to work outside the home- Welkin’s model provides an easy solution to this

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