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Indian designer Ravi first started by collaborating on some designs, and this artistic relationship blossomed into a beautiful brand "WELKIN"

It was founded in 1996 to market the vast and diverse craft traditions of India. Our scarves are sourced from villages all over India thereby helping to provide and sustain rural employment. By blending indigenous craft techniques with contemporary designs WelkinApex brings aesthetic and affordable scarves to today’s consumers.

Determined to showcase Indian handloom textiles to make scarves and stoles while providing equitable employment to traditional artisans, Mr. Ravi Agrawal established Welkin in 1996 in order to fuse the best aspects of East/West collaboration. Welkin Apex sources its scarves from over 1500 craft persons and artisans across India.

Phylosphy & Vision

we endeavor to make sure that scarves and stoles become an indispensable part of style statement of every woman round the world.

At design house WELKIN, scarves are eternal. Gone are the days when scarves are looked upon an accessory with limited appeal. WELKIN breaks through classical traditions crafting scarves that are intricately detailed, couture-like, and affordable.

WELKIN scarves are compromised of at least 2-3 processes including hand weaving, hand printing, hand embroidery. Some of the more complicated items have up to 6 lines of work as seen in fringing etc.

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5 Mahavir Vihar Complex,
Rathyatra, Varanasi, (U.P.), India.


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